Welcome to the Degen Minery

Miners Launched

The Degen BNB Miner

Coming Soon

The Degen AVAX Miner
The Degen FTM Miner
The Degen CRO Miner
The Degen MATIC Miner
The Degen TRX Miner

How To Play

Start by buying degens. (Top button on the miner page)

Those degens will mine and find you coins. You have a couple options for those coins.

You can sell those coins (at a 10% tax, so you'll receive 90% of the value, the remaining 10% stays in the contract) OR you can compound those coins and buy more degens with them at no tax!

The general goal is to compound five to six times a week and sell once or twice a week.

Daily APR starts at a minimum of 8% and can be much higher depending on current coin value!


Always do your own research, the contracts are verified and open for the public to view before launch.

The contract used is a fork of the many popular miners out there, such as BakedBeans. The only modification is the removal of all inherit dev/marketing fees, and an added 10% tax on sales (no tax on compounding).

The only guarantee using these contracts is there are no backdoors, no way to rug, no way to drain outside of normal sales from investors. Once launched, the contract ownership is renounced and the contracts are self-governing forever.